Estancia (Farm) with almost 1,000 hectares in Quiindy

Paraguarí, Quiindy

The total size of the Estanica is 963 hectares but there is only a title available for 814 hectares. The remaining 149 hectares...

Estancia à 187 hectares in La Colmena with river

Paraguarí, La Colmena

This beautiful Estancia provides a main house with a pool, sports ground and other houses for administrative purpose. It is located 1.5 km away from...

Large Estancia mansion, managers house and pool in Caazapá


The Estancia (Ranch) has a large farmhouse with a living area of ​​400 sqm incl. The terrace surrounding the house and a large swimming pool....

Ranch in Yataity à 275 hectares on the river Tebicuary

Guairá, Yataity

The 275 large Estancia (Ranch) is located about 6 km away from the Ruta 8 which is the same way as to Yataity (between Villarrica...

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