Ranch in Yataity à 275 hectares on the river Tebicuary

Farm Guairá, Yataity


ID - EsYa272

The 275 large Estancia (Ranch) is located about 6 km away from the Ruta 8 which is the same way as to Yataity (between Villarrica and Coronel Oviedo). At the moment this Estancia is used for livestock.

The earth road which leads from the Ruta to the Estancia is still passable, but with heavy rain falls. Thats why it should not dispense with a four-wheel vehicle is.</p>

The Estancia is divided by an earth road, on every few hours time driving a moped, so that on the one hand towards the river there are 223 hectares of which are suitable for livestock, for cultivation or for afforestation. On the other side of that raod there is for the most part forest area, a beautiful meadow, many fruit trees, a fish pond and also the house (ideal for workers). One can also find a lot of space to plan a new building.

Electricity, water connection and also a water fountain is available.


Price per hectare: 18,000,000 PYG

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