Property à 9 hectares with creek and great view

Guairá, Colonia Independencia

A property of 9 hectares with trees, meadow, very good soil and a stream with clean running water that runs directly through the property. It...

Price PYG250.000.000

A 5 hectare property - almost completely surrounded by forest

Guairá, Mbocayaty

This beautiful 5 hectare property is located a bit off the beaten path and is surrounded with a lot of forest. 1 hectare of eucalyptus...

Price PYG200.000.000

5 hectare property directly on the road

Guairá, Mbocayaty

This beautiful property with a wonderful view is located directly on the asphalt between Mbocayaty, Independencia and Natalicio Talavera. To the next shopping possibility it...

Price PYG400.000.000

Property of 3 hectares with wide view near the asphalt

Guairá, Mbocayaty

This property of 3 hectares is situated high and only about 500 meters from the main road. From this height you have a wonderful view...

Price PYG350.000.000

A 3.5 hectare property with a wide view

Guairá, Mbocayaty

This property of 3.5 hectares is located about 1 to 1.5 kilometers from the asphalt and you have a great view of the Ybytyruzú Mountains...

Price PYG350.000.000

Property à 40 hectares - High situated with creek

Caaguazú, Coronel Oviedo

A very nice and also high located property at the end of an earth road with a stream, good soil, forest part and very good...

Price PYG25.000.000

Highly situated property à 42 hectares with river

Guairá, Ñumí

This high and also cheap property of 42 hectares, with forest, meadow, pasture, planted eucalyptus trees and river is only 4.5 kilometers from the asphalt....

Price PYG15.000.000

13 hectares with stream close to the asphalt

Guairá, Colonia Independencia

A somewhat hidden property, which consists mainly of meadow with small woods, very flat, in Independencia à 13 hectares only 1.8 kilometers from the asphalt....

Price PYG55.000.000

96 hectares with forest portion & river - Great view

Guairá, Villarrica

These 96 hectares are only about 7 kilometers from the asphalt (Ruta 8 in Villarrica); more than 5 kilometers are very well developed and therefore......

Price PYG18.000.000

Property with house and very many fruit trees

Guairá, Mbocayaty

Only 800 meters from the asphalt is this beautiful property in Mbocayaty with a house, very many fruit trees and a large pond with fish....

Price PYG500.000.000

Property à 32 hectares in a very quiet location

Guairá, Yataity

The property is located about 4 km from the asphalt and the small town of Yataity, which is located between Villarrica and Coronel Oviedo. On...

Price PYG20.000.000

90 hectares - 54 hectares of eucalyptus planted

Paraguarí, Ybytymí

The 90 hectare property is located in Ybytymí in the department of Paraguarí only 1.5 km from the asphalt and is completely fenced. Distance to...

12 hectare property with wide view & creek

Guairá, Natalicio Talavera

The property à 12 hectares is situated high and 2 accesses. 1 x from Independencia (6,8 kilometers - bad earth road) and 1 x via...

Price PYG30.000.000

2 hectares with large pool near Villarrica

Guairá, Villarrica

A 2 hectare property with a large pool (18 x 12 meters), deep well and an old cottage (should be removed), bamboo and various trees....

Price PYG280.000.000

1,030 hectares - ideal for reforestation or cane cultivation

Paraguarí, La Colmena

This plot with 1,030 hectares and even 2 rivers, is perfect for afforestation or for sugar cane cultivation. Arround this property there is...

Price PYG12.000.000

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