Property à 40 hectares - High situated with creek

Caaguazú, Coronel Oviedo

A very nice and also high located property at the end of an earth road with a stream, good soil, forest part and very good...

Price PYG25.000.000

Highly situated property à 42 hectares with river

Guairá, Ñumí

This high and also cheap property of 42 hectares, with forest, meadow, pasture, planted eucalyptus trees and river is only 4.5 kilometers from the asphalt....

Price PYG15.000.000

Property à 32 hectares in a very quiet location

Guairá, Yataity

The property is located about 4 km from the asphalt and the small town of Yataity, which is located between Villarrica and Coronel Oviedo. On...

Price PYG20.000.000

90 hectares - 54 hectares of eucalyptus planted

Paraguarí, Ybytymí

The 90 hectare property is located in Ybytymí in the department of Paraguarí only 1.5 km from the asphalt and is completely fenced. Distance to...

2 hectares with large pool near Villarrica

Guairá, Villarrica

A 2 hectare property with a large pool (18 x 12 meters), deep well and an old cottage (should be removed), bamboo and various trees....

Price PYG280.000.000

House on 2.800 qm property with large terrace near Villarrica

Guairá, Villarrica

House with large terrace, complete with furniture and car, on a property of about 2,800 sqm with dog kennel, deep well (80 meters), normal well...

Comfortable house on 1.7 hectares with view

Paraguarí, Acahay

The house with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom with shower & toilet, an extra room with private entrance and a guest room with bathroom + a...

Estancia (Farm) with almost 1,000 hectares in Quiindy

Paraguarí, Quiindy

The total size of the Estanica is 963 hectares but there is only a title available for 814 hectares. The remaining 149 hectares...

Estancia à 187 hectares in La Colmena with river

Paraguarí, La Colmena

This beautiful Estancia provides a main house with a pool, sports ground and other houses for administrative purpose. It is located 1.5 km away from...

Large Estancia mansion, managers house and pool in Caazapá


The Estancia (Ranch) has a large farmhouse with a living area of ​​400 sqm incl. The terrace surrounding the house and a large swimming pool....

Ranch in Yataity à 275 hectares on the river Tebicuary

Guairá, Yataity

The 275 large Estancia (Ranch) is located about 6 km away from the Ruta 8 which is the same way as to Yataity (between Villarrica...

Property with almost half a hectare directly on the main road

Guairá, Colonia Independencia

This small property of 4.930 m² is located directly at the main road to Independencia in Vista Alegre - at the end of the property...

Price PYG100.000.000

House with 11 rooms in quiet residential area

Guairá, Villarrica

This house with fitted kitchen and a total of 11 rooms + terrace on a property of about 800 sqm is located in a very...

Price PYG550.000.000

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