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Estancia in La Colmena with 7 houses

Farm Paraguarí, La Colmena


ID - ECaLaC288

This Estancia (Ranch) includes 288 hectares. The entrance to Estancia is located in La Colmena after this there leads a private path to the houses. Those are in total about 1.5 km away from the city center.

The houses:

  • 1 very large main house with a tower provides a kitchen, a living room, one large bathroom and several bedrooms, a large terrace, a hot tub, one pool and much more. The whole area around the main house is laid out very nicely.
  • 1 Other large house is almost finish. It only lacks the doors and windows as well as some other small items.
  • + 5 more well-built small houses, which are only a few meters away from the main house.

Price on request - please login for tours at least one week in advance (if possible)

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